My first name is Talin (pronounced Tah-leen) and if we ever meet in person then I can run you through how to pronounce my last name (it looks harder than it sounds!). I'm a native Houstonian with an affinity for this city and I also happen to have a love for all things visual and creative. I'm an experienced visual communicator with skills and talents that go beyond designing. I have over 10 years of professional design experience, and in that relative time I've had the pleasure of building my skills in concept development, research, execution of print, web  and social media marketing and advertising campaigns, identity design, signage, social media best practices, information graphics, art direction, photography and a lot of project management. I immensely enjoy the process of forming ideas, envisioning a project's potential and a user's experience and delivering my best effort on every project from ideation to creation. My communication methodology is driven by purpose and problem solving.

I received my BFA from the University of Texas at Arlington 2008. My invaluable foundations to intermediate graphic communication studies were completed at the University of Houston.

Currently, I am a full-time designer at Boxer Property—I mostly design for major marketing campaigns and promotional efforts. I occasionally take professional photos, and I design materials for Boxer’s technology company Stemmons Enterprise.

In my personal time, I am a nature enthusiast and photographer.

More of my portrait photography can be viewed here.


Nice things have been said about me!


"Although her core skill set is Graphic Design, Talin has proven to be a very capable Public Relations team member for the Houston Chapter of AIGA. In 2012 she has proven instrumental in promoting many of our high profile events, writing press releases for media release, working with publications on press coverage, developing hashtags for Twitter and Instagram and assisting the web team on migrating email marketing platforms from Constant Contact to MailChimp.

One area where Talin has shown very specific initiative has been her willingness to take ownership of our Instagram presence and building a new high-growth community there, engaging with followers, sponsors and venues there and generating a significant amount of real time buzz in advance of events.

She brings a willingness to engage with new platforms and adapt to new ideas and has an eye for detail that is very critical for content and email campaigns that reaches thousands of constituents on a daily basis.

2013 looks to be a very exciting year for AIGA Houston and Talin is an integral component of our online and offline strategy with engaging the public. She would make an invaluable addition to any creative/communications team."

John Luu
AIGA National Board of Directors


"Thank you Talin! We couldn't do what we do without you and your amazing talent!"

Tina Zulu
Zulu Creative | Serious Creativity
Creative Chieftess


"I can say that we were extremely impressed by her portfolio, experience and personality… To hire her would result in the gaining of a first-rate designer who would be of immediate benefit to any company."

Mark Rudkin
Executive Director of Marketing
Jones Graduate School of Business
Rice University


"From great print ads, to web banners and email, Talin gets it: advertising is about communicating an idea powerfully and unforgettably. Not only is she a master of design and detail, she's also fast: I can't recall just how many unreasonable deadlines she's met, but my hat's eternally off to her!"

Joseph Espelage
Mulit-Media Advertising Consultant
Village Voice Media/Houston Press